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Difference Between Mental and Emotional Health

Even though you’re physically healthy, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re emotionally or mentally stable. And, in the same way, someone in a perfectly normal state of mind may not have the best physical health. Let’s begin by making sure you understand exactly what physical, mental and emotional well-being constitutes.


physical wellnessPhysical Health

Being physically healthy means having your body work as it should be. For example, the purpose of your lungs is to allow oxygen to be taken to your body and get rid of carbon dioxide. If for whatever reason, it is not able to function in a proper manner, then this constitutes poor physical health. The same goes for all parts of your body.

You won’t always be in full control of your physical health. Some traits which impact upon physical health are often inherited from your parents (like resistance to some diseases), and the quality of health care where you live is also an important factor. However, there are many lifestyle measures you can adopt to boost your physical well-being. The most common methods include not smoking and regular exercise.




mental and emotional well-beingMental and Emotional Health

Mental health, on the other hand, is about being in a state of mind that allows you to rationally make decisions and interact in a normal fashion with others in society. Common features of mental health include memory, the ability to process information and deductive reasoning skills.

Emotional well-being is close linked to mental health, as they’re both affected primarily by the human mind. The difference is, whilst mental health is more to do with rational decision making, emotional health is more to do your mood and behavior, for example, your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Your mental and emotional well-being are often more difficult to diagnose, and as such can be more difficult to improve, unlike physical well-being.


mental and physical stressPhysical, Emotional and Mental Stress

Now that you understand the key features of physical, mental and emotional well-being, you’re in a better position to identify the differences between physical, emotional and mental stress.

As you may have guessed, physical stress is actions or factors which impact upon your body’s ability to function correctly. Some can have positive effects, like heavy exercise. And others can be dangerous, like a lack of food or water.

Mental stress affects your ability to think rationally. Fear is a common concern. Declining cognitive strength and memory due to mental diseases or an aging mind is another.

Lastly, emotional stress affects your mood and behavior. Low confidence and a lack of social skills caused by prolonged periods of isolation is a common problem for many. Keep in mind that the boundary between mental and emotional stress is blurry. For example, someone with low self-esteem is likely to have problems with rational decision making, especially in social situations.

As a final note, it’s important to remember that although there are key differences between physical, mental and emotional well-being, at the end of the day, they are fundamentally linked. Physical stress can lead to mental issues and vice versa. The same goes for emotional well-being. Correctly managing all three states is the key to ensuring a happy lifestyle.



The Best Exercises to Tone Your Arms

Whether you refer to it as the gun show or are just looking for better definition in your arms, toning of the arm muscles has become a big craze among people. After all, well-toned arms are the hallmark of a bodybuilder or a person who indulges in physical training. The problem then arises due to the multitude of arms exercises readily available today. The sheer diversity makes it hard to pinpoint which are the best exercises to tone your arms. The following article will look to give a step or nudge you into the right direction of the best exercises today.

Muscles of the arm

The first step in making progress is to understand what you are working with. In this instance, we shall first start off by breaking down the three main muscles that make up the arm.

1. Triceps
These are the muscles extending from under the arm, from the upper part of the armpit to the lower part of the elbow. These are the biggest muscles of the arms and are responsible for size.

2. Biceps
These are the ball like muscles which are at the top of the arms from below the shoulder to the joining of the forearms. These are the front visible muscles of the arm.
3. Forearms
These are the muscles located on the wrist, to the biceps or towards the triceps.

Basic terminology

Set – The completion of a round of exercise.

Repetition – The complete motion of any exercise.

Now that we have the muscles covered and some basic terminology, let us dive into the exercises that can tone these muscles effectively. We shall discuss two types, namely bodyweight exercises which use the body only and weighted exercises which use weights.

body weight exercisesBodyweight exercises

1. Push-ups
Considered a staple in any exercise program, the almighty push-up should not be avoided. It has great overall upper body benefits but by placing your palms close together( i.e extending your thumbs so they are just about in contact) it targets the triceps and produces strength as well as tone. Start with your body on the floor, supported by your palms and toes. In a controlled manner, lower your body until your chin and chest almost touch the floor then push yourself back up. Repeat until failure for 3 sets.

2. Pull-ups
Another staple exercise, pull-ups are easy to do just reaching for a bar overhead and pulling yourself up then lowering yourself down in slow controlled motion. This exercise builds the back but blasts your biceps into achieving impressive tone. At the same time, it also works the forearms. Repeat until failure for 3 sets.

weighted exerciseWeighted exercises

1. Bicep curls
The standard in Bicep toning, curls can be done with barbells or dumbbells. Hold a barbell in your hands with your arms extended. Raise the barbell without leaning back by bending your elbows till the bar is almost chest high then lower it in a controlled motion. Do this for 3 sets of 10 repetitions

2. Close grip bench press
Lay on a bench with the barbell in front of you. Grip the barbell closer than shoulder width (extend your thumbs so that they almost touch). Raise the barbell off the supports and lower it till it lightly touches the lower part of your chest the press it up for one rep. Do this for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

3. Reverse grip barbell curl
This exercise targets the triceps and gives them the appearance of great tone. Start with a barbell on the floor and grip it with you palms facing down about shoulder width apart. Raise the barbell with the arms extended and bend your elbows raising it up to about chest height. Lower it in a slow controlled motion for one rep. Do this for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Toning of the arms requires the discipline of a good diet accompanied by adequate rest. That with the above exercises should have you well on your way to having well-toned arms.

As a final word on this subject, I would like to share with you the website Beautiful Body Blueprint (http://beautifulbodyblueprint.com) from where I got these tips, and actually, suggest you get the e-book that they’re offering for free. It does provide a lot of useful exercises that you may like to look up to!



Top Tips to Avoid Catching a Cold This Winter

Studies have revealed that winter remains the period of flu and colds. According to experts, December is known as the month when there’s widespread of infections, especially flu. Read on to discover top tips to avoid catching a cold this winter.

wash handsAlways Wash Your Hands

Most infections are primarily unleashed into the atmosphere and transmitted when an individual sneezes. Nevertheless, germs can as well be proliferated by physical contact entering your body when affected hands touch sensitive parts such as noses, mouths, and eyes. Even with defense mechanisms, these areas of the body offers a quick access to dangerous germs such as hairs and mucous. Washing your hands and keeping them dry will significantly help to avoid catching a cold.



stay warmRemain Warm

Keeping yourself warm during winter will help to prevent the attack of flu, colds, and coughs. Shivering will only depress and compromise your immune system at a faster rate. This can simply make you more susceptible to catching colds. The alteration of hormones in the likes of serotonin and melatonin will affect how your immune system works. Even the lowering of sunlight intensity will negatively affect your immune system functions. Thirty percent of your body’s heat is lost through the head. For this reason, ensure to cover your head with a hat to always remain warm during winter.



central heatingAvoid Heating & Huddling

Infections will easily pass between people during the winter. This is because people often like staying close to each other physically during cold seasons. From people gathering for special events and supermarkets bustling with shoppers to tubes & crowded trains with limited ventilation, catching a cold is more likely to occur during these processes. Experts have proven that central heating often lowers the defense of your body. It affects your respiratory system by simply sucking the protective mechanism in the nasal passages. The stuffy and dry air of the AC can aggravate chest complaints and cause sore throats as well. Simply make use of a humidifier to prevent huddling and heating. This will help you avoid catching a cold in the winter.


watch the forecastWatch The Weather

There is always a boost in germ activities in low cloud, misty and dull conditions. When the climatic condition is moist, viruses will survive longer. This is the period when your body is liable to be attacked by any pathogens or other environmental viruses. On this note, ensure to watch the weather of your environment and make a quick change if possible.



teaHerbal Support

Echinacea should remain an active aspect of your everyday routine if the immune system requires toughness to withstand the danger of germs during winter. Echinacea plant is known to cure infections and heal wounds quickly. Currently, this powerful herbal supplement can be used to boost your immune system in combating flu and colds.



drink waterDrink Plenty Of Water/Fluids

To stay healthy, medical experts recommend drinking 8 glasses of water. Water will help your kidneys to function effectively and get rid of accumulated toxins out of the body.




garlicGarlic & Zinc

To find colds, the mineral called zinc is highly essential. It also offers a boost to flagging or detecting your immune system. A reliable food source for zinc includes wheat germ, black-eyed peas, tofu, seafood, eggs, oysters, and meat. Vitamin C and zinc will make an amazing cold-busting duo. Garlic should not be ignored when affected by flu or colds. It helps to reduce any similar attacks.






Boost Your Mood, Mental and Physical Well-Being Through Exercises

Many people find it challenging to live positively in this fast paced world. If you want to improve your life, you need to focus on what your mood is like, and how to elevate it through natural means. The reason why people need to focus on natural elements is because it works by alleviating the body’s mind and body. Instead of taking pharmaceutical options, there are a lot of different things that you can do to help with mood and improvement overall. Exercises and workouts provide an ideal alternative that can enhance your mood while offering other benefits for your overall health.

How Exercise Can Help to Improve Your Mood

Production of endorphins hormones

Research on the relationship between anxiety and workout routines indicates that the physical and mental benefits of exercising can significantly contribute to reducing stress and improve mood. Exercising and workouts release endorphins in our bodies. These feel-good hormones tend to proliferate after an exercise routine of sufficient duration and proper intensity. However, you don’t have to do harsh exercises to feel good; any workout done consistently would accomplish that. Once released, the endorphins prevail to improve your mood and make you genuinely content for the rest of your day.

Gives you the mental aspect of living a healthy lifestyle

healthy lifestyleFor you to have a good mood, you need to have a stabilized self-esteem. With improved self-esteem, you can handle the daily stress and maintain a happy life. Exercise can help you deal with stress and also ward off depression and anxiety. Not to mention all the health risks that come with an unhealthy lifestyle – exercising prevents heart disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, and many more things that you can proactively avoid. These are just some of the ways exercise improves your health. Studies have suggested it can also help with certain types of cancer, improve immune function, and more.

Improved discipline and self-respect

You will learn the art of discipline in your exercise routines. During your sessions, you will develop and command the respect you need. You will start believing in yourself as respect is embedded in you. You will learn to push yourself, and when you start seeing improvements in your body and your form, it will motivate you to keep pushing and to keep improving.

Take More Walks

During your days, take a walk. Literally go outside, find a park, or just get out and get some sun by walking. There are a lot of great things that come with walking. If you can just spend at least 30 minutes of time in this regards, you will not only feel better about your life; you’ll also enjoy better health and more. Walking is a good thing to help you, and elevates mood overall. There’s no better way to get started with self-improvement, than exercise. This is the easiest exercise you can do right now.


Exercise can be an effective mechanism to enhance your mood and also combat anxiety and depression. Once you develop a routine, there wouldn’t be a better way to start off your day, keep yourself active and healthy. You will highly benefit from regular exercises and workout routines; your mood will change, you will receive many benefits in terms of health, and mental stability as well.