About the Respect Project

The Respect Project is an initiative created to provide developers with a set of independent, easy-to-use components for building and enhancing PHP applications. Our components are designed to work together harmoniously, but they can also be used individually, depending on the needs of the project.


Key Features of Respect Project Components:

Open Source

We believe in the power of community. That's why all our components are available under an open-source license, meaning you can modify and adapt them to suit your needs.


Our components are designed to grow with your project. Whether you are building a small application or an elaborate system, Respect Project will provide you with the tools necessary to achieve success.


Security is a priority for us. That's why all our components are regularly updated to meet the latest security standards.


Modularity at the Heart of Respect Project

Respect Project is characterized by a unique approach to creating PHP components, emphasizing their modularity. This means that each component has been designed to function independently, but can also be an integral part of a larger system. This provides developers with unlimited possibilities for customizing, combining, and scaling components depending on the specific needs of their project.


High Quality and Community Support

Quality of code is not the only focus in Respect Project. We care about regular updates, unit testing, and the security of our tools. Moreover, thanks to an active community of developers, each component is continually being improved. By joining us, you not only benefit from excellent tools, but also become part of a community that shares knowledge and experience.


Openness and Collaboration in Respect Project

Every Respect Project component is available under an open-source license, encouraging collaboration, modification, and enhancement of the tools. We believe that strength lies in openness and co-creation. Thanks to community engagement, Respect Project is constantly evolving, adapting to the dynamically changing needs of developers around the world.


Respect\Validation is an essential tool for any developer looking to ensure consistency and credibility of data in their applications. This library has been designed with the diverse challenges in mind that creators face during input data validation. Whether it's information coming from forms, APIs, or other sources, Respect\Validation offers flexible and comprehensive tools for their verification. Moreover, it does not limit itself to only basic validation rules. Users can take advantage of a wide range of built-in rules, from simple ones like text length checks to advanced ones, such as email address or phone number verification. If the standard rules are not enough, the library allows for the creation of custom validation criteria, making it highly flexible and tailored to individual needs. As a result, developers can be confident that the data they are working with is accurate and reliable.

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In the digital world where data is key to success, interaction with databases is an indispensable skill for every developer. Respect\Relational is the answer to the need for easy but powerful interaction with relational databases. Focusing on efficiency and simplicity, this library puts the developer at the center, providing tools that are intuitive to use but powerful in action. With CRUD functions, developers can easily create, read, update, and delete data, without worrying about complicated queries or potential errors. But that's not all. Respect\Relational also offers advanced features such as transactions or batch operations, making it an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced developers. In short, it is a library that transforms complex database operations into a simple and elegant process.

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In the dynamic programming environment where applications are constantly evolving and adapting to new challenges, the ability to efficiently manage configuration is invaluable. Respect\Config is an innovative library that has been created to meet this specific need. A key aspect of any application, regardless of its size or complexity, is its configuration. This is where Respect\Config shows its strength. It provides centralized storage for settings, eliminating the need to search through multiple files or locations for key parameters. But that's not the end of its capabilities. The library also allows for quick modifications and reading of settings in a way that is not only efficient but most importantly secure. This enables developers to focus on creating valuable features, instead of wasting time on tedious configuration management. In short, Respect\Config is an essential tool for anyone who desires smooth and effective administration of application settings.

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The modern digital world is characterized by a vast amount of web and mobile applications that must communicate with each other in a fast and consistent manner. This is where RESTful API interfaces play a crucial role. Respect\Rest was created with the aim of simplifying this task for developers at all levels of expertise. In an era where RESTful API has become not only a standard but a necessity, this library provides intuitive tools for creating flexible and scalable interfaces. It allows for the precise definition of paths, methods, and responses, all within a uniform, cohesive structure. But Respect\Rest goes further: it also offers support in error handling, authentication, and caching, which significantly enhances the quality and performance of the created APIs. In short, it is an essential library for anyone who wants to create modern, fast, and seamless communication interfaces for their applications.

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In the era of digital transformation, effective data management is a paramount goal for many organizations. One of the main challenges is maintaining consistency between the object model of the application and the database structure. In this context, Respect\DataMapper plays a key role. As an advanced library, it serves to bridge the gap between objects and records in the database, enabling smooth mapping in both directions. As a result, developers can focus on the business logic of the application without worrying about the details of database implementation. Respect\DataMapper automates many routine operations, such as creating, updating, or deleting records, while maintaining the integrity and consistency of the data. Additionally, this library offers advanced features such as lazy loading and handling relationships between tables. In conclusion, Respect\DataMapper becomes an essential tool for anyone who wants to create efficient, scalable, and robust database applications.

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